Benefits of WeatherTec™

Advantages of WeatherTec™ include:

  • Reduced risk of “over” seeding – silver iodide seeding may produce too many “seeds” reducing the growth potential of each (a property that is deliberately chosen in hail suppression)
  • Environmental benefit – WeatherTec™ relies on naturally occurring aerosol particles and does not introduce artificial chemicals to enhance rainfall
  • Removes cost of seeding agent – silver iodide is relatively expensive while WeatherTec™ uses natural (i.e. free) seeding agents
  • Energy efficient – traditional cloud seeding tends to rely on aeroplanes or rockets which require more energy than our system while WeatherTec™ can be solar / wind powered
  • “Higher” temperature operations – the contact freezing process (i.e. the process that WeatherTec™ influences) starts to work at higher temperatures than the depositional process (i.e. silver iodide seeding) (Young 1993). This means that WeatherTec™ may operate on some convective and orographic clouds where silver iodide is not effective.
  • Continues to operate after ice is formed – silver iodide only helps the initial process to form tiny ice particles and after that does nothing. In contrast, the charge produced by WeatherTec™ continues to work and to help charged ice particles to grow.
WeatherTec™ is more environmentally friendly than alternatives