…and some challenges to be overcome

  • Cannot direct the plume – as a ground-based emitter, WeatherTec™ cannot direct its plume. This challenge can be resolved by strategically locating emitters. The next generation of mobile emitters will help provide additional flexibility
  • Fewer cloud types can be influenced – as a ground based emitter, WeatherTec™ works best on convective or orographic systems where the cloud formation process lifts the charged plume into the cloud
  • Plume life is limited – over time the charge on the particles in the plume will naturally dissipate so it is essential that the plume is able to charge the cloud before the charge decays. WeatherTec™ can get round this challenge by locating emitters in areas where cloud systems form
  • Current version of the technology needs a relatively large area of land for each emitter station – though next generation based around a mobile trailer based option will reduce this problem.
While there are challenges they can be overcome